Lord Father God of Abraham, maker of heaven and earth, how we thank you for the month of February we have just closed, for leading us through! As we  greet March we are aware of wars  gathering around us, raging in distant Europe but also nearby in Ethiopia and  Democratic Republic of Congo. Your word says, “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars but see to it that you are not alarmed” (Mathew 24:6). Wars wherever  they happen  tend to bring out the worst in  mankind: the shedding  of  innocent blood and scattering a people once  secure in their  homes as refugees. We  therefore  pray for peace to reign, that hearts that are cold may soften and there may be reconciliation where  there  is hatred. But most important of all, may these war point us all to the prince of peace, the  savior of mankind, the Lord  Jesus  Christ!  And Lord we thank you that the economies of the world have finally opened up after the long closure due to Covid 19. Aside from the loss of life through this period there are many  lives  that were  left withered down by the  ugly storms of a terrible disease, which is yet to be fully settled. Merciful Lord, we thank you for the protection we saw and now pray that your hand is upon us, especially as individuals and families recover and get   back to their feet from this  ordeal. Lord we pray for nations of the world, and we here in Uganda bring her to you for her  salvation and lasting peace. So often we see things that  ache  our hearts- the violation of human rights  and rampart stealing  of  the  nation’s wealth  in high and  low  places. We are comforted  that  nothing  happens under the sun which you are  not  aware of and in spite of all, your justice will reign ultimately. We pray that just  as  you put a hedge  around Job  and his household, “and everything he has” (Job  1:10)  may you  watch  over  our families, all our  belongings, and  wherever we  happen. May our  feet  in such a  time  as this bring  peace where  there is war-  for you  say, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for  they  will  be  called children of  God” (Mathew  5:9). May you  resurrect  those  plans you  put in our   hearts to bear fruit- just as  you  visited Abraham in late years and weary of hope brought  cheer  to him and said, “Yes, but  your wife Sarah will  bear a son “ (Genesis 17:19). You  are  the God  of  the possible who  says, “Let every  valley be lifted up, and every  mountain and hill be  made  low; and let the rough ground  become plain, and  the  ragged terrain a broad valley..” (Isaiah 40:4). So, we  greet  March  with hope, our hearts ripe  with  anticipation, full of joy; for  something  good is about  to happen to the  glory  of the living God, and this we  pray  in the mighty  name  of  the Lord Jesus Christ!