E-Mutoto Children Bible Story

Baby Jesus
Baby Jesus

The savior is born in a Manger to poor parents with nowhere to stay – @ $2.99

Daniel & the Lions

Daniel is a faithful servant who God spares in a den of lion. But how –

@ $2.99

David & Goliath

The boy who killed a Giant! a story about King David, who fought and killed the feared giant Goliath –

@ $2.99

Jonah and the Fish

Jonah tries to run away from God only to end up in the mouth of a fish. You cant run away from God – @ $2.99


A former slave who saved a country. If you read the story of Joseph you will be amazed on how God can use someone to change a destiny of a nation – @ $2.99

Joshua & Caleb

Moses sends out spies to see if they can pass through enemy land and only two faith full servants believe him. – @ $2.99

Queen Esther

Through Prayer and Fasting a Queen changes a King’s heart. But how? – @ $2.99


Noah is faithful and through him God saves the world. It is important for your child to read this book –

@ $2.99

The Four Boys

For courageous boys refuse to bow down to an idol and read how God saves them. – @ $2.99

Good Samaritan
The Good Samaritan

What does it mean to put your faith where it really matters. The Good Samaritan shows. – @ $2.99

The Parable of Talents

This is a story of three (3) servants who were given talents by their master and how each of them used the talents – @ $2.99

3 Wise Men
The three wise men

The Three wise men never lost faith that the savior of the world would be born. They did not wait in vain – @ $2.99