Spiritual Pride!

03/12/2019 All day

“I will celebrate before the Lord” – 2 Sam 6:21 (NIV)

Sometime back I came across a video clip of a group of men seated somewhere and sniping about other people’s style of worship, which was too much for them. They felt those other people’s way of worship was being quite too expressive.

Now of-course looking down on some other person and their worship style comes with a long tradition, taunted with a bit of pride. When David took to the streets dancing in jubilation for return of the ark, his wife, Micah, a princess from the house of King Saul, was certainly not so amused and despised him at that ( 2 Sam 6: 16- 23).

But what Micah and these men apparently were missing was that our worship is not meant for men but God. Maybe we should always first ask if God is happy before we rush to frown upon others whose strokes are not to our taste.

This by the way is not meant to do away with order in church; all congregations need rules to manage services. But we error where we start squeezing God in a how to worship him to do box.

Prayer for today: Lord Father in heaven today I pray that I may know when it comes to worship if is for you and not to please man.