Praying for Pastors!

09/02/2020 All day

“For many are invited but few are chosen” – Mat 22:14 (NIV).

The pastoral ministry is one of the most demanding there is. Immediately by its nature and force, because it rises against the kingdom of Satan, the enemy is not asleep and seeks to fight it ever. He is ever moving to and fro, fighting back, to weaken it, if not deny it of all its powers and render it impotent.

Pastors are not just immune to the challenges Christians ordinarily encounter in life but perhaps face them even more severely. They face challenges at the pulpit with often restless congregations. They face challenges back in their homes too, encountering rebellion. Almost everyone has seen Pastors children who have gone astray. Their marriages are not spared of mischief. Many pastors struggle to make ends meet.

For this reason, let us always remember the pastoral ministry always in our prayers. Let us not too be hard on our pastors. Let us remember to support the work of the church which pay Pastors. Let us pray that God may empower those called to serve God that they may do well and stay true to His precious calling.


Prayer for today: Lord Father in heaven today I pray for all those whom you have called to the pastoral ministry that you do protect and empower them to serve you mightily to the end.