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21/01/2020 03:00 - 22/01/2020 02:00

“The greatest among you will be your servant” - Mat 23:11 (NIV)

In the animal world there is that alpha male that normally dominates others. It usually relies on its larger physique and superior intelligence to exert total control. The alpha male is motivated by one aim and that is total domination of others.

In leadership we all can ask a question whether God desires of us to be like alpha males. Certainly if one observes the military world the alpha male is the ideal candidate. The military world loves to seek out that dominant and certainly aggressive personality to whip others behind in line. What often motivates the alpha male is serving self. The alpha male loves being at the center of attention.

The Leadership model Christ left us is though certainly different from alpha male model. Nowhere do we see Christ whipping followers into line- except where mobs had taken over God’s house. The Leadership model of Christ is servant hood - putting others first.

Prayer for today: Lord Father in heaven, today I pray that you help me practice a leadership style of putting others first.