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30/03/2023 - 31/03/2023 All day


“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”          ( John 3:16)

Prof Hansen was flying in his career which had taken him to places. Successful in his profession he saw no reason to believe in God. Then one day out of the blue while on a Doctor visit he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The Doctor gave him a maximum of five years to live. Prof Hansen was crushed. He had nowhere to turn. Up to that point all he believed in was his wonderful career which gave him a good life. He had no other hope!

Down and lost, something happened. There were advances in medicine and then he crossed beyond five years. During all this time his daughter kept witnessing to him about Christ. One day it dawned on Prof Hansen that the years added on his life was to let him know Christ. He surrendered his life to Christ.

Once Hezekiah lay bed stricken and at the point of death. He prayed to God to heal him and extend his life. God answered his prayers and said, “I will add fifteen years to your life. And I will deliver you and this city from the hand of the king of Assyria. I will defend this city for my sake and for the sake of my servant David” ( 2 Kings 20:6). Hezekiah was gifted with more years because he had faithfully served God. For Prof Hansen it was to let him know Christ.

A good question is if you found yourself in a similar situation why would you ask of God for more years? Of course there could be those things burning on your heart and would plead to God to let you see to fulfillment. God let Hezekiah because of his faithfulness and on account of David’s service. Yet, as we see, for Prof Hansen, sometimes it is only that you should know God, the most important reason for life!

Prayer today: Lord Father God of Abraham, maker of heaven and earth, today I thank you for the gift of life, with the most important reason being to know you by accepting Christ as my personal Lord and Savior, this I pray in Jesus’s name.