Hope Through Trials!

23/04/2020 00:00 - 23:00

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer”Acts 12:12 (NIV)

Children who are preparing and sitting for national exams often reach that period when the going seems too tough. Like say waking up too early to read or staying up late cramming. In those moments some kids may feel it is too much and they give in.

However, there are those who in spite of feeling weak and tired, they still carry on! What often moves them is nothing but that hope of one day sitting, passing and seeing their pictures in the national papers, eventually going on to the schools of their first choice.

So is the Christian journey. There are times when the going gets tough. In the life of the Apostle Paul so often he suffered setbacks, including prison (Acts 21:33, NIV) and shipwrecks (Acts 27: 27-28, NIV). But what kept the Apostle Paul going was the knowledge that in the end there was victory. As he would later write, “I press on to towards the goal to win the prize which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus” (Phil 3:14, NIV)

If our Christian walk has been derailed with setbacks, just as it was with the Apostle Paul, may we persevere in faith, because of the hope we have of heaven where one day we shall meet our Lord Jesus and rejoice forever in eternity with all the saints that went ahead of us. Let us not despair or tire in our faith.

Prayer for today: Lord Father in heaven, today I pray in the mighty name of Jesus of Nazareth, that whatever trial I go through I do persevere in faith because one day I shall fellowship with you in eternity!

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