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09/03/2021 03:00 - 10/03/2021 02:00

“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint” - Isaiah 40:31)

God’s timing is perfect- you probably have heard. In the story of Moses and the liberation of the Israelis from their Egyptian oppressors, we are first treated to an attempt by him to wage a revolution, perhaps expecting the start of a counter revolution (Exodus 2:11-12). It was poor timing and to survive being killed by Pharaoh, Moses had to flee to Midian where he would languish as a shepherd  for some 40 years.

When the right time finally came, God visited Moses with a word, “Therefore, go! I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring My people the Israelites out of Egypt” (Exodus 3:11). This time the man who couldn’t wait before to get the job done, hesitated, only to be encouraged by God: “I will surely be with you,” God said, “and this will be the sign to you that I have sent you: When you have brought the people out of Egypt, all of you will worship God on this mountain” (vv 12).

Why had it taken that long for Moses to be cleared, one may ask! The answer is, the time Moses spent in the desert God used it to prepare him for the leadership tasks he once longed for. He would learn to rely absolutely on God other than his physical prowess. The once impatient youth became skilled at handling human relations eventually enabling him lead his people out of the clutch of Pharaoh.

Anyone of us might have that matter which we are in a bit of a hurry to get done with. It could be to finish up with some construction project or acquire some beautiful possession. Perhaps it is a certain promotion we are longing for or take on a certain journey to some exotic land. There could be a desire to change one’s situation. However, in spite of the urge, and perhaps earnest prayers on our part, we see no movement from God. We then fret and wonder why God is not coming to our rescue!

Delay does not mean denial- you may also have heard. At the right time and in good season, God does come through and all can see and agree, His timing is always the best!

Prayer for today: Lord Father God of Abraham, maker of heaven and earth, as your word says, “In a favorable time I have answered You, And in a day of salvation I have helped You…” (Isaiah 49:8), I pray that I always wait on you, for your timing is always perfect!