Fruitful Prayers!

21/03/2020 00:00 - 23:00

“But your iniquities have separated you from God; your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear”Isaiah 59:2 (NIV).

There is a beautiful scripture that encourages us that all our prayers whenever we bring them to God are answered, as in, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” (Phil 4:6).

However, the truth of this statement might also be blind to the fact that a believer has also certain obligations for one to have his prayers answered. Take for instance if a believer is living in sin and shows no remorse at all. From the above passage it is clear living a sinful life can prove a stumbling block to having one’s prayers answered.

Going to God is not like showing up with a blind check. We ought to examine our lives just as well that God is pleased with us. Then we may experience His favor upon our lives.

Prayer for today: Lord Father in heaven, today I pray in the mighty name of Jesus of Nazareth, that if there is anything hindering victory in my prayer life your Holy Spirit may bring it to my attention for a fruitful prayer life!