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29/12/2020 All day

I know of someone who often complained why he never received visitors, as often as others. Trouble is those who visited this gentleman were normally entertained to a harsh tongue full of spite. In this gentleman’s household there was always something to cry foul at: the bad weather, the poor hygiene all around, the nature of his house which builders had messed up, the exploitative government, children’s poor grades, the lack of people keeping time, just about everything. Never had he room to find something to praise.

But then, what was the situation with his neighbor. Well, this other person who lived a block away had a lot to smile at. There were her kids who were at school, the weather that brought good food, the work of her hands, her sweet neighbors she could share the gospel with, and more! There was a lot to thank God for.

Often life is a choice. We can choose to go about snipping and quarreling about this and that. Many times we end up with a depressed company around us. Or we can choose to be gentle with ourselves and find something good every day to be thankful for, remembering it is he, who gives life. Let us be like Job who in his distress still found a word of cheer: “You gave me life and showed me kindness, and in your providence watched over my spirit” Job 10:12.

Prayer for today: Lord Father in heaven, help me have a cheerful spirit full of praise and that lifts up the spirit of those around me as a witness of your love!