Cleared of Impurities!

10/02/2022 00:00 - 23:00

“Therefore, since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God” 2 Cor 7:1 (NIV).

Impurities have been described as “substances that are present in small quantities in another substance and make it dirty or unacceptable”. If one is preparing any food item for consumption it would be a definite desire to remove all the unwanted elements to make it edible. If it is a liquid one can have a seive to help filter the bad stuff and secure that which is fine for drinking.

The Bible talks of us clearing our lives of impurities; as in, “Remove the impurities from silver, and the sterling will be ready for the silversmith” (Proverbs 25:4). According to I Thessalonians 4:7, we are reminded, “For God did not call us to be impure, but to live a holy life.”

If one was about to take juice and discovers there are some bad particles most would first find a way to remove all those impure stuff that may even affect the taste. When a drink is removed of impurities it has the proper and enjoyable taste.

And so it is also in our relation with God. There are all sorts of impure stuff that can enter and clog our lives. These could be poisonous thoughts. Sometimes it is harmful indulgences. When we allow impure stuff inside us our lives are denied of proper use, weighed down by impurities. Hence the desire to remove such to be of quality use.

Today, may our object be to remove all forms of impurities in our lives so that we can then offer our “bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship” (Romans 12:1)

Prayer for today: Lord Father God of Abraham, maker of heaven and earth, today I offer you my life that you may remove it of all impurities, to be acceptable and pleasing to you, this I pray in Jesus’s name.